How to help

The Pandemonium Rainforest Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a
world-class, hands on, educational experience to the public, designed to cement our commitment to the rescue, rehabilitation and proper re-homing of reptiles and parrots. This is accomplished by inspiring people to love and respect these animals and develop an understanding for the importance of their respective ecosystems.




our goal

Our Commitment

Our goal, through proper education, will be to see fewer sick and wounded animals in our
eventual care. Through our classroom work, we will teach about the ownership of exotics and encourage a respect for the indigenous species of our area as well as the exotics.

With the support of donations from the community, we can continue to help and support abused and neglected animals. Your money will go straight to use as 100% of donations are used for the care and feeding of the animals

The Pandemonium Rainforest Project, Inc. is committed to helping and rescuing any reptiles or parrots that have been traumatized, abused, neglected, abandoned or are in need of shelter, food and medical care.

They need us.

Reptiles, amphibians, and parrots are too often neglected or overlooked.