Meet our animals!

After her previous owners force fed her alcohol, Olive came to us an alcoholic. This affected her greatly, resulting in a mentally unstable bird. As a bird who’s been through a lot in her life, Olive has a tendency to get upset and yell to let off some steam. As a testament to our consistent care and attention, along with providing an environment where she can interact with other birds, Olive is doing much better these days! While she is still affected mentally and has an occasional outburst, Olive is much happier now that she’s bonded with one of our other macaws, Joey. She loves to sing and chat up a storm! Olive will be even happier when she’s able to fly in the Rainforest Project!

Cisco is another member of the “Fab Four” who, again, is lucky to be alive. She was in a terrible environment, was eating sunflower seeds with black mold, has a crooked beak from malnutrition as a baby, and a broken wing- she’ll never fly. Despite that, she has a very sweet demeanor!

We rescued Pebbles from a man in Connecticut. She was in a very bad enclosure, not at all suited for her. Overall, she was not well taken care of. She is 100% now, eating really well, and up for doing our programs!







Dior came to us from an elderly woman who was getting too ill to care for her anymore. Dior is a very social girl, who loves to hang out with other birds and get her head scratched.

Oscar is another bird originally rescued from a crack house. He came to us a wrecked bird, completely self-mutilated and mentally unstable. He became best friends with Sammy, which proved to be a big part of his rehabilitation process. After years of continuity and friendship, Oscar finally knows he’s home. He loves to dance on bath days, and rings his bell every morning while he waits his turn for breakfast. Oscar’s completely unrecognizable these days! While a lot of his feathers had begun growing back in the older picture above, you’ll have to come see for yourself how good he looks now!






Lancelot was rescued from a reptile show. We aren’t quite sure of his age, but we know he’s an absolute sweetheart. He was a little afraid of people at the start, but now he loves doing programs with the children.

Xena is one happy-go-lucky bird that we took in from someone who could no longer care for her. She’s our resident hairstylist, and loves to comb through your hair with her beak. She’s most enthusiastic about bath day, where she spreads her wings wide and sings.












Our commitment is helping abused and neglected animals.These are by no means all the animals we currently home! Be sure to check back as the page continues to be updated!

When Soleil was first rescued, she was only 4 feet long and on the brink of death. She had a severe respiratory disease and was so underfed you could see her ribs. Finally, after many years, we are very proud to say she is very healthy, resp-free, and 14 feet long! She may look intimidating to some, by Soliel LOVES people! If you’ve been to our animal programs, you’ll know she’s famous for literally (and figuratively) being a big hit with the kids participating.

Mo is responsible for starting the rainforest! As Allison was hiking the Appalachian Trail, she rescued Mo from a bad situation in a pet store in Virginia. She then hiked the Trail back to Connecticut with Mo. We’ll go to any lengths to make sure animals are properly cared for!


A slow and steady fixture of the store, Humphrey is often found roaming with a balloon tied to his back, so he doesn't sneak up on anybody. Humphrey loves grape tomatoes, strawberries, and prickly pear. He chases the color red. Humphrey has doubled in size since we got him a few years ago. Imagine how big he will get!


Sweet Pea was rescued from a man who didn’t know how to take care of her. She’s a great example of how ignorance can be just as harmful as intentional neglect. When we got her, we realized she had severe burns on her stomach. She tested positive for 5 different types of bacteria (one of which was a cousin to MRSA). The vet said she would be dead by now if it wasn’t for us. She’s a shy girl now, but eventually will be terrific in programs!




Harry is another one of our birds rescued from a dysfunctional home. No bird can be happy and healthy if they are neglected and housed in an unstable environment! The photo above says it all. There’s nobody Harry loves more than Allison, and he’s been thriving in an environment where he receives so much care and interaction with not just us, but all the other birds we home.


Azur was found in the home of a woman who passed away, and had previously been in many abusive homes prior to that. Azur is one of the newest birds we’ve taken in and is a “daily project” for us. It takes time for birds to heal and trust when they’ve been a victim of abuse in the past, but he loves spending his days playing in the macaw room with the other birds!









Sweet pea



Not all our rescue birds are big! Peaches is a very sweet and mild mannered bird. She came from an owner who could no longer care for her, and has been with us for many years.








We rescued Morgan the day she was to be euthanized. She was initially part of a Sea World program that she flunked out of, and was then cycled through several abusive homes. She's the most outgoing, silly bird we have and she loves to meet new people. Morgan loves playing peek-a-boo and getting tickled by Allison. She also makes up her own new words by putting together sounds that she likes.

Dusty is another member of the “Fab Four”. She had been stuck living in a small cage with Rocco. All of them had been eating sunflower seeds infested with black mold. She has healthy meals these days and plenty more space to move around!







We’ve raised Sherri since she was a baby! She’s a sweet and beautiful girl that we use as a part of our programs.








Jack was previously owned by a young man who barely fed, handled, or engaged with him. Due to this treatment, Jack came to us as a very scared, thin, and shy ball python. Under our care, Jack is now very happy and healthy! He’s no longer shy, but rather a trusting snake who is a part of our programs!

Joe had a very difficult life before he came to us. We rescued him from a crack house where his previous owners used to blow drugs in his face. He has a broken wing, but that won’t prevent him from showing his beautiful colors when he meets someone he likes. While Joey is now healthy, he’s still underweight from malnutrition as a baby. He will always be mentally unstable from the drugs that were forced upon him; however, he’s very happy now because of his bond with one of our other macaws, Olive.





Ellie definitely wasn’t getting much love from her previous owners. She came from a home that was consistently filled with cigarette smoke. Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems. Secondhand smoke inhalation can cause all sorts of health problems like skin irritations, respiratory disorders, and feather plucking. Luckily, we’ve had Ellie for a very long time now and she’s doing great! Her favorite noise is “Woo!” and she has the most fun when she’s destroying cardboard boxes.

Rocco is a member of our “Fab Four”, a group of birds all rescued from the same place. Their previous owner incorrectly believed Rocco was an Amazon. He and Dusty were stuck together in a finch cage covered in feces. It was very lucky we were called about them because they would not have survived much longer in their old living conditions.




Like Joe, Sammy was also rescued from a crack house. When he came to us, he was very badly plucked These days, just call him John Wayne! Sammy is the sheriff of the bird room. He walks around with the swagger of a cowboy, making his presence known. He’s got a weak spot for a good pistachio. Though he came to us from drug abusive owners, he is very well adjusted these days. In fact, he’s one of the main reasons Oscar, another one of our rescued birds, has adjusted so well!