Azur was found in the home of a woman who passed away, and had previously been in many abusive homes prior to that. It takes time for birds to heal and trust when they’ve been a victim of abuse in the past, but he loves spending his days playing in the macaw room with the other birds! 



Oscar is another bird originally rescued from a crack house. He came to us a wrecked bird, completely self-mutilated and mentally unstable. He became best friends with Sammy, which proved to be a big part of his rehabilitation process. After years of continuity and friendship, Oscar finally knows he’s home. He loves to dance on bath days, and rings his bell every morning while he waits his turn for breakfast. Oscar’s completely unrecognizable these days! 

Ellie Woo

​African Grey

Ellie Woo is our affectionate name for Ellie the African Grey. The "Woo" is something she added herself - you can hardly talk to her without hearing her say "Woo!". Ellie otherwise has a very deep voice like a man. She is happiest playing in the cardboard boxes we give her every day. Ellie shreds more boxes than any other bird - a favorite past time of many.


African Grey

Alani is our most colorful bird! He is also one of our newest residents. Alani is a young male and he has some little brother bahavior that the other macaws are training him out of. Alani means Orange in Hawaiian. 

Jack belonged to a dear friend who passed away unexpectedly. We now look after Jack and he is a wonderful addition to our reptile outreach programs. Ball Pythons are named because they like to curl up in a ball.


Rose-Breasted Cockatoo

Xena is a happy-go-lucky bird that we took in from someone who could no longer care for her. She’s our resident hairstylist, and loves to comb through your hair with her beak. She’s most enthusiastic about bath day, where she spreads her wings wide and sings.

Bert is, as her photo shows, very silly. She is social and loves having her head scratched. Bert was previously neglected in a very bad way, so she has some issues with trust and does nip unexpectedly. However, Bert is an absolute love and often exclaims "pretty birdie, pretty birdie baby!"

Steve was rescued from a disreputable pet store. He had multiple burns and had shed very poorly due to poor diet and care. He is currently very healthy and getting better every day.

Aussie is currently the largest snake in the Pandemonium Rainforest at 8ft long. She is about 25 years old and was originally rescued from a crack house. Though she is getting up there in years, she is still very healthy. 

Bic is one of our most recognizable birds. She is often found wandering from the flower room to the breakroom and back to her cage, looking for a cookie. She has a plucked chest from years of anxiety. Though she is extremely happy now, she continues to pluck her feathers as a bad habit. If someone cat-calls you in the store, it's not an employee, it's Bic!

Our commitment is to helping abused and neglected animals. These are all the current residents of the Pandemonium Rainforest Project.

Be sure to check back as the page continues to be updated!


​Cape Parrot


Piebald Ball Python


​Cape Parrot

Where do we start with Morgan? Morgan was in a program for bird performances in Florida until she flunked out and had to be rescued from a dog pound - (yes, she barks). She then bonded closely with a new owner, but not his wife. Morgan was biting everyone, and the vet was called in to euthanize her. Thankfully the vet called Allison to see if she could help. Morgan immediately realized who was in charge and has never bitten Allison. They immediately bonded and have a connection that has to be seen to be believed.

Beakman is one of the most vocal of our small birds. He is all beak and no bite though. His slender bill is used for getting nuts out of their shells, or just playing with one of his many whiffle balls in and around his cage. 


Sulcata Tortoise

Popeye is best buds with Harry. They came from the same home together and they play all day with one another. We believe Popeye is a very old bird, having possibly been wild-caught many years ago.

Lima is a feisty little bird, rescued from an unhealthy home. She has a wonderful appetite and loves her nuts. Lima makes a sweet little WooHoo! noise. Her breed, "Cutthroat", is named for the red feathers along her neck.

Cisco is another member of the “Fab Four” who, again, is lucky to be alive. She was in a terrible environment, was eating sunflower seeds with black mold, has a crooked beak from malnutrition as a baby, and a broken wing- she’ll never fly. Despite that, she has a very sweet demeanor! 


Ball Python


Ball Python


King Snake

Emmett is our newest Bearded Dragon! He is a rambunctious young male and he is fast! We are working on teaching Emmett not to nip the hand that feeds you. This sort of training is very important when raising a young reptile. 


Goffin Cockatoo

Mouse will be the first one to tell you that he is a "Pretty, Pretty Boy". He can be heard coughing and sneezing, a mimic he preforms often. Mouse is a very sweet tempered boy with a lot of love to give. 


Ball Python

Tandy was raised from a baby and has been brought to many outreach programs. Ball Pythons like Tandy make good pets, but only you understand the responsibility and are able to properly care for them.



Not all our rescue birds are big! Peaches is a very sweet and mild mannered bird. She came from an owner who could no longer care for her, and has been with us for many years.


Australian Dumeril's Boa Constrictor


Amazon Parrot


Eleonora Cockatoo


Bearded Dragon

Alden is a very old Cockatiel. He is quiet and enjoys his paper toys. Alden's orange cheeks are common in Cockatiels.


African Grey Parrot

Lady Grey is a classy African Grey Parrot. She is very picky about her food, (she would prefer Lobster we were told). She is very particular indeed, and so her cage is covered in notations about what she likes and what she doesn't!


​Amazon Parrot


Blue and Gold Macaw

Tyrian is a Kingsnake. This is a species of snake which can grow up to 6ft long. Tyrian is not that big, though he is beautiful. Kingsnakes are knows to be immune to venom of other snakes, though not venomous themselves. NONE of the snakes in the Pandemonium Rainforest are venomous. 

Dusty is another member of the “Fab Four”. She had been stuck living in a small cage with Rocco. All of them had been eating sunflower seeds infested with black mold. She has healthy meals these days and plenty more space to move around!

Pepper has been with us for a long time. She was once in a small cage with a divider, holding herself and another bird. She is quite talkative, saying "Hello" all day in a hundred different tones and voices. Pepper loves small children and will sing and talk to them. But watch your fingers, she likes to lure in unsuspecting folks.

A slow and steady fixture of the store, Humphrey is often found roaming the store looking for a nice warm spot to relax. Humphrey loves grape tomatoes, strawberries, and prickly pear. He chases the color red. Humphrey has more than tripled in size since we got him a few years ago and corrected his poor diet and inappropriate housing. Imagine how big he will get!


Slender-Billed Conure


​Bearded Dragon


Store Cat

We’ve raised Sherri since she was a baby! She’s a sweet and beautiful girl that we use as a part of our programs. Her striking color pattern makes her stand out more than any other reptile we have. We named Sherri after a dear friend who so loved this project and all of our animals.

Nemo is an extra wiggly snake. He is always on the move and prefers the quiet of his enclosure. His beautiful coloring is common of his breed, found in the wild in Mexico. 


Blue Tongue Skink

Lady Grey

African Grey

Billy is a noisy boy. When he has a point to get across, he will make sure he is heard. Billy is very excited to meet new people and especially prefers men. Billy is sometimes heard playing peek-a-boo.


​Hybrid Macaw

Calvin is a Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure. There are many types of conures - Slenderbill like our Beakman, Sun Conures which are bright yellow and orange, and a vast array of others. Conures are small but they can be quite loud. Calvin likes to take a bath when someone is very close to his cage so he gets them all wet. 

Sammy was rescued from a crack house. When he came to us, he was very badly plucked. Though he came to us from drug abusive owners, he is very well adjusted these days. In fact, he’s one of the main reasons Oscar, another one of our rescued birds, has adjusted so well! PS. He’s got a weak spot for a good pistachio. 

Bella is one of our smaller parrots. She is quiet and enjoys playing with her bells. Bella is best known in the bird room for her perfect mimic of the Nextel phone ringer. 

Mia likes to find a warm place and cuddle. She is a Blue Tongue Skink, like Steve. However, they are different in pattern. Steve is from Australia and Mia is from Indonesia


Blue and Gold Macaw


​Amazon Parrot

The best cat you'll ever meet! Despite the look on her face, Dede is incredibly friendly. Though a little demanding at times, she is affectionate and loving. Dede does not like to be picked up, but she would like you to pet her all day and don't skimp on the treats. 

Meet Our Animals

Cooper likes to blow raspberries at you as you walk by his cage. He absolutely loves playing in a paper bag. He mumbles under his breath any number of things and he is an all around goofball!


African Grey


African Grey




Bourkes Parakeet​


Pueblan Milk Snake


Blue Tongue Skink

When we rescued Pebbles, she was in a very bad enclosure, not at all suited for her. Overall, she was not well taken care of. She is 100% now, eating really well, and up for doing our programs!

Everyone who comes to visit meets Gracie. She is front and center in the flower room waiting for a friend. Gracie is especially fond of men and is known to wait at the front gate for a man to walk through. She is incredibly affectionate and loves to be held and cuddled.


​Cutthroat Conure


Savannah Monitor

Sometimes we get birds in cages that are rather dirty or broken. Cookie's "cage" was nothing more than chicken wire and a tupperware lid. We were shocked to find out her living situation and incredibly unhealthy diet. Cookie didn't have a name but sometimes says a word that sounds like "Cookie" or "Booger". 

Olive was our first rescue bird. She was given alcohol by a previous owner which has affected her greatly. After many years with us, Olive is thriving and loves being among other macaws. Sometimes you can hear her calling ALLISON!  


Amazon Parrot

Keely is a senegal parrot, one of many parrots found in Africa. Senegals are closely related to Brown Headed African Parrots and Cape Parrots. Our Keely is very affectionate to those she loves. But be careful, she likes to try and share her already eaten breakfast with you.


Senegal Parrot


Blue and Gold Macaw

Josephine had a loving owner who could no longer take care of her financially. This is, unfortunately, a story we hear all too often. Owning a bird is a lifelong commitment. Thankfully, Josephine now has her forever home in the Pandemonium Rainforest.

It is only fitting that Petey is eating in his picture. Petey is always eating. And he will eat anything. Petey is a Timneh African Grey, as opposed to a Congo African Grey. We have 6 Congos and only 1 Timneh.

Mo is responsible for starting the original Ashleigh's Rainforest! As Allison was hiking the Appalachian Trail, she rescued Mo from a bad situation in a pet store in Virginia. She then hiked the Trail back to Connecticut with Mo. We’ll go to any lengths to make sure animals are properly cared for!


Senegal Parrot


Timneh African Grey

Garcia is a happy, calm Beardie. She is most happy when basking under her heat lamp or just resting on someone's chest. 


Severe Macaw

Harry was taken in from a very dysfunctional home, which was detrimental for his health. Parrots are especially emotional and respond to any stress at home in a physical way. Harry is missing toes from unsupervised play with another bird in his previous home, and subsequent chewing on the wound.


Brown-Headed African Parrot


Blue and Gold Macaw

Rocco is a member of our “Fab Four”, a group of birds all rescued from the same place. Their previous owner incorrectly believed Rocco was an Amazon. He and Dusty were stuck together in a finch cage covered in feces. It was very lucky we were called about them because they would not have survived much longer in their old living conditions.